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If you have ever heard of trading in exotic currencies and wondered what it is all about, you can find out here. We buy and sell different forms of exotic currency, which right now consists of the New Iraqi Dinar, the Vietnamese Dong, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollar and South Korean Won and internationally traded currencies.  While there are certainly other exotic currencies people may have interest in, the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong are the two we get asked about a lot. There are a few reasons why people get involved with trading in hard currency including collecting, to use while traveling to a specific country or to buy and hold.  Exotic currencies are often unavailable through banks in the US but you can rely on a reputable dealer like ourselves. We have a solid reputation for providing our customers with exactly what they have ordered. We take specific measures to ensure that all of the currency you receive is 100% authentic and obtained legally. The New Iraqi Dinar has several embedded security features which can be used to verify their authenticity. You can verify the authenticity by checking these features on your Iraqi Dinar or Vietnamese Dong. If you are wondering what the current Dinar value is or you want to buy Dinars, please use the link provided to you on the homepage to the Central Bank of Iraq’s website. If you have any questions or you are ready to order please give us a call and we will can assist.

The Vietnamese Dong and Iraqi Dinar are considered exotic currency because they are not currently traded internationally and typically not available for exchange at most banks. There are a few reasons behind this, but for our purposes this means that you can’t typically go to a US bank to trade Iraqi Dinar for US Dollars which creates a risk of illiquidity and inconvertibility.  If this changes it could impact the value of the currency or it may not.  At present the risk remains. For example, if the Iraqi Dinar were to start trading on an international level the rate could change or it may not.  There are people who are looking to trade Dinar currency for the short term and plan to sell when there is an opportunity profit. We do not know if the currency will increase in value or decrease in value overtime.  There is a substantial risk of loss.  No matter what strategy you are looking to employ, you can rely on our services to supply you with the foreign currency exchange. We both buy and sell the currency. When you are ready to sell you can give us a call to handle that as well. When it comes to purchasing currency we can assist. Foreign currency exchange is our specialty. We are here to fill your buy and sell orders as quickly as possible.