Shahristani: 2014 to be a year of investment and Iraq’s economic growth

Shahristani confirms Iraq’s economic growth and that the year 2014 will be a year of investment in the country

October 10, 2013 BAGHDAD (Independent)


Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussein al-Shahristani said Iraq’s economic growth has seen a marked increase reached 10% during the past five years.

Shahristani said in a speech at the opening of the Baghdad International Fair, which was attended by many local businesses and the Arab world that the IMF estimates suggest that Iraq will keep the rate of increase in economic growth over the next five years, adding that this increase has worked to raise the per capita income, which in turn, has made Iraq in the ranks of middle-income countries.

He said this renaissance major economic led by the oil sector, as it succeeded Iraq in attracting major international companies in oil production, which has helped to speed up the business in the construction and reconstruction, pointing out that he should not rely on oil as a source of economic, calling for the exploitation of natural resources other in a balanced and orientation to the construction industry through the construction of petrochemical plants, fertilizer and also dependence on agriculture and tourism sectors, what is owned by Iraq of religious shrines and historical civilization represented antiquities in the whole country.

Shahristani said that the year 2014 will be a year of investment in Iraq, adding that the government has started to invite international companies to encourage them to invest, calling other foreign companies which operate in all areas to visit Iraq for investment projects in order to exploit this opportunity.

On the subject of elections, said the government and the political blocs are designed to hold the elections as scheduled, saying that it was right of the Iraqi people to choose their representatives at the time the law, adding that the government has worked on the introduction of modern systems and accurate data entry to ensure the integrity of the elections despite the fact that the world The whole process fair witnessed in previous elections.

He pointed out that Iraq is exposed at the present time to the terrorist attack fierce trying to undermine him, by targeting mosques, hospitals, schools and boards of Solace, noting that political differences are not the first reason, but the general situation in the region, where stressed that the government is working to end the Syrian crisis through dialogue and action fair elections, which is considered a right of the Syrian people, and also to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis in order to stabilize the region in general.

He appealed exclusively to the sons of Iraq, especially young people to exploit the opportunities the true advancement of the country through reconstruction and construction, to be preceded by training and education through access to colleges and universities arms science and knowledge and this will be the real answer to the terrorists who are trying to undermine Iraq’s progress and development. (End)