Sell Iraqi Dinar

Please note:  This page has been archived and in no longer current.  For up to date information on selling your currency go here.


Sell Your Iraqi Dinar or Vietnamese Dong

We Will Buy Your Dinar or buy Vietnamese Dong

Current buy rates as of June 30, 2014 are as follows:

Iraqi Dinar (IQD) banknotes in mint, uncirculated condition: $725 USD per million

Iraqi Dinar (IQD) banknotes in circulated and undamaged condition: $675 USD per million

Vietnamese Dong (VND) banknotes: $52 USD per million

Please note: We do not accept sellers from outside the United States. Sellers are encouraged to contact us by phone at (888)-235-0888 prior to shipping. Communication is the single most effective way to allow the process flow smoothly and to avoid unnecessary concern. If you need to leave a voicemail you can expect a call back the same business day. PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM ON THE SELL CURRENCIES PAGE AND INCLUDE IT WITH YOU SHIPMENT.

We look forward to working with you in a way that you will find to be mutually beneficial.

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Payment sent within 24-48 hours of the time your shipment arrives.

Shipping Instructions

If you are ready to ship now you can ship your currency to the following address:

Lifesong Development Group, LLC
902 S. Randall Rd. Suite C337
St. Charles, IL. 60174 U.S.A.

How the process works:

Selling Dinar

Ship your currency with FedEx or UPS. Place the currency in a standard, sealed letter envelope. Place the paper letter envelope(s) inside the cardboard, shipping envelope. When selling and shipment your Dinar or Vietnamese Dong you have the option of insuring it if you choose (e.g.

Be sure to get a tracking number for yourself. This provides you with confirmation that once the package has been received.

Selling dinar – On the same day or by the following business day at the latest you package is received you will receive a call to process and to get payment sent out to you. Be sure to include the phone numbers where you can be reached.

Selling Dinar – It’s a good idea to include all of your contact information, name, phone and address, on he form and inside the envelope along with the Dinar, as well as, a description of the exchange (e.g. your total count, quality of notes ect.)

Selling Dinar – You may request and company check to be sent overnight and back out to you within 24 hours or the following business day for a $25 overnight fee. We can deduct the cost of overnight shipping from the amount owed.  Or your company check can be sent out at no cost using standard First Class mail.

Selling Dinar – If you would like your check overnighted without the $25 fee, please include an overnight, return shipping label with the courier of your choice. The fastest possible turn around time on your order would be 72 hours or 3 business days, depending on what day of the week you mail it and if your Dinar is processed on the day it is received or if your Dinar is processed on the following business day.

Selling Dinar – Feel free to call us at anytime during the process. Orders are typically processed in the afternoon on the day they arrive or by the following afternoon at the latest. It is fine if you call once the tracking shows your package received but your order may not be processed yet.



Additional Information

Whether you are looking to sell your Iraqi Dinar currency or you are looking to purchase new, uncirculated Dinar, we have the services to meet your needs.  We are always buying Iraqi Dinar from our customers in order to keep up with the steady demand of those who are looking to purchase this currency.  Ever since the old Saddam bills were taken out of circulation and replaced with the New Iraqi Dinar, there has been an  increase in demand for Iraq’s currency.  Since the Dinar is not yet traded internationally, the primary source for the Iraqi Dinar currency is through Money Service Businesses (MSB’s) like our own.  If you are looking to sell your Dinar, we can provide the service to you.  The buyback rate we offer is based on the current Iraqi Dinar exchange rate and on current supply & demand forces within the market.

If you are interested in the current Iraqi Dinar value you can view the exchange rate, which is set by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), and posted on their website.  A link to the CBI’s website is provided on our homepage.  The current buyback price we are paying for Dinar is posted on our website, as well as, our current selling price.  Foreign currency exchange and specifically dinar trade involves risk and it is important to take the time to educate yourself.  For many individuals, the new Iraqi currency is a means to obtain in the physicals that you can hold on a long term or short term basis.  Most banks don’t currently exchange the Iraqi Dinar which is a factor in the currencies illiquidity.  There are a handful of MSB’s in the United State that do create a market for the currency and will exchange the Dinar back into US dollars.

The amount needed to make a purchase of the Iraqi Dinar is substantially more than the exchange rate value for the currency.  If you have already purchased a substantial amount of Dinar and feel that now is the time to sell you may contact us to exchange your currency at a rate substantially less than the exchange rate at the Central Bank of Iraq.

There is risk involved with trading Iraqi Dinar currency.  Over the last 12 years there have been period that indicated increased economic stability in Iraq.  Economic growth may or may not continue in an upward climb and will not necessarily affect the Dinar value over time.   A drop in economic growth and decreased stability in the region could result in depreciation of the value for the Iraqi Dinar.  Sustained economic improvement and growth in Iraq’s exports could also lead to increased demand for the Iraqi currency or not.  Regardless of your motivation or reasoning is for getting involved with dinar trade, we can help you along the way to for both buying and selling the Iraq Dinar by providing you with foreign currency exchange services.