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Sell Your Dinar Whether you are looking to sell your Iraqi Dinar currency or you are looking to purchase new, uncirculated Dinar, we have the services to meet your needs. We are always buying Iraqi Dinar from our customers in order to keep up with the steady demand of those who are looking to purchase this currency. Ever since the old Saddam bills were taken out of circulation and replaced with the New Iraqi Dinar, there has been a steady increase in demand for this currency. Since the Dinar is not yet traded internationally, the primary source for this currency is through Money Service Businesses like our own. If you are looking to sell your Dinar, we can provide the service to you. The buyback rate we offer is based on the current Iraqi Dinar exchange rate, current supply and demand and other factors. If you are interested in the current Iraqi Dinar value you can view the exchange rate, which is set by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), and posted on their website. A link to the CBI’s website is provided on our homepage. The current buyback price we are paying for Dinar is posted on our website, as well as, our current selling price. Dinar trade involves risk and it is important to take the time to educate yourself. For many individuals, the new Iraqi currency is a means to obtain in the physicals that you can hold on a long term or short term basis. While most banks don’t currently exchange the Iraqi Dinar which is a factor in the currencies illiquidity, there are many companies in the United State that do create a market for the currency and will exchange the Dinar back into US dollars. The amount needed to make a purchase of the Iraqi Dinar is substantially less than most other means by which to gain market access to Iraq. If you have already purchased a substantial amount of Dinar and feel that now is the time to sell you may contact us for an exchange. As previously mentioned, there is risk involved with trading Dinar currency. There are indications pointing to the increased economic instability of Iraq and could affect the Dinar value over time.  Growth and increased instability in the region could result in depreciation of the value of the Iraqi Dinar.  We can provide you with foreign currency exchange services if you are for both buying and selling the Iraq Dinar. Our current buyback rates are listed on this form. Please fill out the form, print it and include this sheet with your shipment.