Lifesong Development Group Inc. (the “Company”) provides the following representations and disclosures:

(a)        No Guarantees. Lifesong Development Group, Inc. can provide no guaranty against fluctuations in the value of currency sold.  Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that the value of currency may depreciate or appreciate due to market forces, political changes in the issuing country or other factors beyond Lifesong Development Group Inc.’s control.  Lifesong Development Group Inc. shall in no event be liable for any damages due to fluctuation in the value of currency purchased.

(b)        High Risk Investment.  Purchaser agrees and understands that trading and speculation in foreign currency may be risky.  Purchaser acknowledges and assumes these risks.  Purchaser understands that the foreign government that has issued a form of currency may devalue presently issued currency or may in the future adopt another form of currency, which may have a materially negative impact on Purchasers investment.  Purchaser understands that there is no central market  or clearinghouse guarantee of payment with respect to certain currencies (e.g., Iraqi dinars) and that trading of such currencies is not presently conducted on a regulated market or exchange and carry additional risks of illiquidity and inconvertibility, in that such currencies may not be easily sold or exchanged for cash or other currency without a substantial loss in value.

(c)        No Investment Advice.  Lifesong Development Group, Inc. cannot and does not provide any investment advice or provide any information concerning the value of any currency or as to the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling any currency.  We are not a licensed investment advisor.  We make no representations whatsoever concerning the advisability of buying or selling any currency at any point in time.

(d)       Not a Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer.   Lifesong Development Group Inc. is a federally registered dealer in foreign currency exchange; our activities are limited only to the exchange of currencies.  Lifesong Development Group Inc. is not a retail foreign exchange dealer (“RFED”) and is not registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.  Lifesong Development Group Inc. does not engage in retail forex futures or options trading, act as a broker, intermediary or counterparty in forex transactions involving forex futures or options, or solicit the general public with respect to foreign exchange transactions involving futures or options.

Lifesong Development Group, Inc. provides the additional following representations and disclosures: