Is the New Iraqi Dinar Currently in International Circulation?

In order to buy or sell the new Iraqi dinar, it is necessary for individuals to go through private money service businesses (MSB’s).  The Iraqi dinar is not currently in international circulation and typically is not offered by many banks.  One benefit of buying Iraqi dinar through a private company is that customers can specially request mint condition, uncirculated dinar.  A specification not typically offered by banks.  Many are choosing to buy the new Iraqi dinar from private dealers in the case that the Iraqi dinar returns to the value of the old dinar pre the US-Iraq war.  There is risk and it may or may not increase in value.  Natural resources within Iraq including oil, current economic growth and international support all contribute to the possibility that Iraq will be able to rebound economically. offers customers security when buying or selling the Iraqi dinar as well as the Vietnamese Dong.  Other currencies will be offered as well.