Q. How confident can I be that Lifesong Development Group, LLC is a solid company?
A. Very confident. Lifesong Development Group, LLC has been registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury for over 8 years and has no marks against us with the Better Business Bureau nor is there a formal complaint filed by a customer against the company anywhere. Lifesong Development Group, LLC has been in business since 2005 and has served literally thousands of satisfied customers. Most of whom are repeat customers. Lifesong Development Group encourages you to review some of our customer’s testimonials. Lifesong Development Group is registered with the U.S. Department of Treasury and has been since inception and is licensed with the State of Illinois under the Transmitters of Money Act (TOMA.) Lifesong Development has strived to maintain our registration with the US Department of the Treasury since 2005 by adhering to the compliance requirements under the Anti-Money Laundering Law (AML) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA.) The AML and BSA establish regulations that govern both Money Service Business (MSB’s) and Banks. In other words, as a company Lifesong Development Group is required to adhere to a very similar set of regulations as a bank. As such, Lifesong Development Group is subject to review by the US Department of the Treasury upon request and the State of Illinois to ensure that the company remains compliant with those laws governing banks, MSB’s and other financial institutions. In 2011 Lifesong Development Group agreed to a consent order from the State of Arkansas to no longer offer foreign currency exchange services in that state. For additional information, please see our COMPANY CREDENTIALS.


Q. When will my order ship?
A. Orders paid for by wire transfer ship on the same business Lifesong Development Group has received your wire and arrive within 24 hours or the following business day. It can take up to 24 hours for the wire to clear but in most cases it is received same day provided the wire is sent before the cutoff (i.e. 3 p.m. CST.) A tracking number will be provided to you directly from the shipping company via email on the day your order ships. COD orders completed by 3 p.m. CST ship on the day the order is complete and arrive within 24 hours or by the following business day. Completing your order includes sending a scanned or faxed copy of your cashier’s check or money order check prior to shipping. Once the faxed or emailed copy of your check is received, the order will ship and arrive within 24 hours or on the next business day. For customers who are sending payment in advance, orders will ship on the day the cashiers check or money order is received and will be arrive within 2-3 business days anywhere in the U.S. Sending payment in advance allows these customers to reduce their shipping costs by up to 75% by selecting a slower shipping speed but they still have the option to request overnight shipping should they choose.


Q. How are the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong or other currencies shipped?
A. Orders are shipped within the U.S. via FedEx. COD orders require customers to provide a cashiers check to the driver upon delivery. For customers making payment by wire order will ship FedEx overnight and require a signature upon arrival from Lifesong Development Group. You will need to be at your address to receive your shipment. We do not ship or receive shipments from outside the United States. A physical home address is required for your sales receipt and to receive your FedEx package. We do not ship with the U.S. Postal Service.


Q. How can I sell my currencies?
A. Lifesong Development Group buys currencies, or exchanges foreign currencies for USD, from customers regularly all of which are currencies currently listed on the website. Until markets develop for the international exchange of the Chinese Yuan, Indonesian Rupiah, Iraqi Dinars, Hong Kong Dollar, S. Korean Won or Vietnamese Dong, it may difficult for you to liquidate or convert those currency or exchange them for US Dollars.


Q. Are you an investment advisor?
A. No, we are not. We are a Money Service Business (MSB) registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and licensed with the State of Illinois. Lifesong Development Group specializes in foreign currency exchange. Lifesong Development Group does not speculate on the future value of any currency we buy or sell. It is important to do your own research and understand the risk of loss involved. The value of any currency may be profitable for you or it may result in a loss. For more information please review our risk disclosures.


Q. When will the Iraqi Dinar or Vietnamese Dong revalue (RV)?
A. We do not have any information on what customers refer to as an “RV” on the Iraqi Dinar or any other currency we offer. Currencies can increase or decrease in value over time and there is a risk of loss involved. For more information on this risk and other risks please review our risk disclosures.


Q. Where is Lifesong Development Group, LLC located?
A.Lifesong Development Group, LLC is located in Saint Charles, Illinois. Our mailing address is:
Lifesong Development Group, LLC
902 S. Randall Rd., Suite C337
Saint Charles, IL 60174
For security reasons and in order to most expediently process transactions for all our customers we do not offer a walk in location or offer face to face exchanges.


Q. Why do you need my name, physical address, tax ID number and date of birth?
In order to comply with Federal laws, including the Anti- Money Laundering Policy (AML), The Patriot Act, and the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Lifesong Development Group, LLC is required to ask for identification from our customers. This is part of our BSA/AML program which which Lifesong Development Group is required to maintain under State and Federal government laws. These laws require us to ask for a name, physical address, DOB and Federal Tax ID number (also known as your EIN, social security number or taxpayer identification number.) While other companies may not abide by these regulations; we do.  Other companies failure to comply with the law does not infer in anyway that Lifesong Development Group is not required to meet these very clear regulatory obligations. We are. The fact that you may have had a prior experience with a company that does not request this information should be viewed as cause for concern.

Requesting KYC (know your customer) information both meets with the company’s requirements under the law, assists the government in preventing money laundering and most importantly to you ensures the integrity of all our customers transactions so the source of their currency is not called into question in the future on the basis of a failure to comply with regulations. Your information is totally secured and fully protected. Lifesong Development Group has been registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury since 2007, is licensed with the State of Illinois and other states and have no marks against us with the Better Business Bureau nor are we aware that any complaint that has ever been filed against the company by any customer anywhere. Lifesong Development does not release any information to anyone outside of government regulators who periodically review our books in order to confirm that we are complying with the law. As a money service business (MSB) registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Lifesong Development Group, LLC is subject to a periodic reviews by the U.S. Department of Treasury and states where it is licensed to ensure that we are properly identifying our customers and complying with the all laws governing banks, MSB’s and other financial institutions. For verification of these requirements for Lifesong Development Group, LLC and other financial institutions please review the information below. Links have been provided to the third party sources.

You may review our legal requirements here and refer to the excerpt below:

§1022.410   Additional records to be made and retained by dealers in foreign exchange.

(a)(1) After July 7, 1987, each dealer in foreign exchange shall secure and maintain a record of the taxpayer identification number of each person for whom a transaction account is opened or a line of credit is extended within 30 days after such account is opened or credit line extended. Where a person is a non-resident alien, the dealer in foreign exchange shall also record the person’s passport number or a description of some other government document used to verify his identity. Where the account or credit line is in the names of two or more persons, the dealer in foreign exchange shall secure the taxpayer identification number of a person having a financial interest in the account or credit line. In the event that a dealer in foreign exchange has been unable to secure the identification required within the 30-day period specified, it shall nevertheless not be deemed to be in violation of this section if:


Q. What are the hours of operation for Lifesong Development Group?
A. Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM CST.


Q. I left a voice mail message, when will my call be returned?
A. All calls are returned within our business hours, as soon as possible, in the order they are received. Any calls received during off hours are returned the following business morning.




Q. Why do people buy foreign currencies?

There are many reasons people choose to buy foreign currencies.
Q. What is the risk of purchasing foreign currencies?


A. Buying and holding currency that is not currently in international circulation poses a risk of illiquidity, inconvertibility and involves a risk of loss that may not be suitable for all individuals. It is important to do your own research and understand the risk of loss involved. As is the case with any currency, the value of currency may increase or decrease, depending on many factors. Lifesong Development Group does not claim to know nor does it speculate when, how or if a currency will change in value in the future. For additional information pertaining to risk please review our risk disclosures.
Q. Where do you get your currency from?


A. All the notes offered by Lifesong Development Group come from domestically based, reputable suppliers who are also state licensed and are registered MSB’s with the US Department of the Treasury. Our suppliers import the currency, clear them through U.S. Customs and verify their authenticity prior to selling them to Lifesong Development Group, LLC.
Q. Do you have a guarantee for the currency I purchase?


A. Yes we do. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee that the currency you purchase from us is 100% authentic. This guarantee has been offered to our customers since the company began operations in 2005. To date, not a single customer has had a need to exercise their right to this guarantee nor have they done so. We do not in any way offer a guarantee of future value for any currency.


Q. What currencies do you buy and sell?
A. Currently we provide foreign currency exchange (i.e. buy and sell) for over 80 currencies. You can view the complete list of currencies offered by Lifesong Development Group here.


Q. Are the notes you offer the current issue such as with The New Iraqi Dinar?
A. Yes all are notes are current issue and currently accepted as legal tender in their country of origin and or abroad. The Iraqi Dinar we offer is the new Iraqi Dinar (IQD) that came into circulation October 15th, 2003. The old Saddam Dinar has no value beyond being a collector’s item. We do not buy or sell the Saddam era notes. It is new Iraqi Dinar (IQD) that is the currency of Iraq today that will be provided to you including those that contain the new security features that came out in 2015.


Q. What is the difference between Uncirculated or Circulated notes?
A. Uncirculated notes are in mint condition. They look like the brand new, crisp $20 bill you might have received from your bank. Circulated notes are anything less than mint condition and most likely resemble notes in your billfold. They may have markings, creases or folds much like a used U. S. dollar bill. The terms circulated or uncirculated are a measure of the quality of the notes and should not be taken literally. It does not mean the note literally would have had to been in circulation for it to be “circulated.” A person could take a uncirculated (mint) condition note, write on it or crumple it and it would be considered to be of circulated quality in spite of the fact that it has never been in circulation


Q. Are these uncirculated or circulated notes?
A. We offer one currency, the Iraqi Dinar, for exchange in uncirculated and circulated condition. All other currencies are offered as fine quality, undamaged circulated notes.


Q. Can I request currencies other than the Iraqi Dinar to be in circulated or uncirculated condition.
A.We do not sell any marked or damaged notes and we do not fill request for mint condition notes for any currency other than the Iraqi Dinar. All other currencies we offer are sold at a flat rate regardless of quality or denomination. For whatever reason, there is a market demand for mint condition uncirculated Iraqi Dinar notes. Due to the high demand for the uncirculated Iraqi Dinar there is a higher cost for them then there is for the circulated Iraqi Dinar. They all hold the same value at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Iraq.


Q. How often do you get circulated notes in stock?
A. We regularly get circulated Iraqi Dinar notes in stock, however because we only sell undamaged notes we don’t have a consistent supply source for circulated and undamaged Iraqi Dinar. Therefore, the circulated quality Iraqi Dinar can be intermittently available. You may contact Lifesong Development at anytime to check availability and place your order.


Q. Can I be put on a list for circulated Iraqi Dinar if Lifesong Development is out of stock that week?
A. Yes, we can take your name and phone number and call you when the circulated Iraqi Dinar becomes available.


Q. Why do some people say that Iraqi notes should be in pristine condition?
A. It is a personal preference. This distinction is not made with other currencies that we offer and we do not know of a solid basis for this market preference. We do not buy or sell severely damaged notes or offer them to our customers. All the Iraqi Dinar that we offer is in uncirculated condition unless you request circulated notes. The circulated quality Iraqi Dinar notes offered by Lifesong Development Group is undamaged and in good condition as are the notes for all 80 currencies we offer.


Q. Why are the smaller notes more expensive than the larger ones?
A. Supply and demand results in the smaller notes selling for a higher price. Smaller notes are harder to obtain therefore, they command a higher price. They also have greater weigh and volume than larger denomination which adds to the cost of importing them. All denominations of the Iraqi Dinar have the same value.


Iraqi Dinar (IQD) –


Q. How do I know the notes I receive are authentic?
A. All the currency we offer contains security features that allow the bearer to authenticate the notes upon receipt. There is no “certificate of authenticity” offered by any central bank (e.g. you don’t get a “certificate of authenticity” when you withdraw US dollars from you bank.) The certificate of authenticity offered by our company is our own. The notes authenticate themselves which is the primary purpose of the security features for any currency. Authenticating your currency simply requires a bit of self-education. Learning to authenticate your own currency will provide you with more peace of mind than relying on a “certificate of authenticity” third party to do it for you. Although, we most certainly do that as do our supplies. Security features are intended to be utilized by all bearers from the most sophisticated to the average person. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be much good. For example, the Iraqi Dinar notes have several security features which are state of the art and exceed even those on the U.S. Dollar. Identifying the security features is easy to do and anyone should be able to authenticate their notes, based on the information below. The example image below is of the 25K Iraqi Dinar note.Iraqi Dinar 25k NoteHere is a picture showing a 25K note and the UV security feature visible only under U.V. light:Iraqi Dinar 25k Note UVThe New Iraqi Dinar banknotes, printed by De La Rue, boast the most up-to-date anti-counterfeit features, including watermarks, an embedded metallic strip, raised letters, an optical variable ink that can be seen only under ultra violet light, metallic ink and other variations to thwart off counterfeiters. In addition, it has high-quality paper that makes the colorful Dinar very hard to counterfeit. It is likely there are other security features that have not been disclosed to the public.Three of the easiest ways to verify the authenticity of the new Iraqi Dinar are:1) Use black light to view the UV security feature.2) Hold the note up to the light to check for watermarks such as the horse head.3) Hold the Dinar up to the light tilting it back and forth, the color changing ink will look much like a hologram.Please note: The 10K and 5K Iraqi Dinar notes have the horsehead watermark, security thread and ultraviolet feature. The difference from the 25K Iraqi Dinar notes is that the 10K Iraqi Dinar notes do not have the metallic ink and the 5K Iraqi Dinar notes do not have the metallic ink or the color changing symbol.


Q. What’s the Iraqi Dinar worth now?
A. You may check the value of the Iraqi Dinar at the Central Bank of Iraq’s website where you can track the exchange rate. If you are selling your notes you will receive less than the exchange rate and if you are buying a currency you will pay more than the exchange rate with any dealer in foreign exchange or bank.


Vietnamese Dong (VND) –


Q. How do I know the notes I receive are authentic?


A. Here are the security features for the Vietnamese Dong. A copy of this image is enclosed with all our shipments to enable our customers to have the information they need to verify their notes.New Bank Note


Q. What’s my Vietnamese Dong worth now?
A. Here is the link to the State Bank of Vietnam’s website where you can track the exchange rate:

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) –


Q. How do I know the notes I receive are authentic?
A. You may view the security features for the Hong Kong Dollar on the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Website.


Q. What’s my Hong Kong Dollar worth now?
A. The total value of notes in circulation in Hong Kong can be found in the latest Monthly Statistical Bulletin and Annual Report. You may also use the currency converter on our homepage


Chinese Yuan (CNY) –

Q. How do I know the notes I receive are authentic?
A. You can find the security features for the Chinese Yuan (renminbi) on the website of The People’s Bank of China


Q. What’s my Chinese Yuan worth now?
A. The value of the Chinese Yuan (renminbi) can be found on the website of The People’s Bank of China. You may also use the currency converter on our homepage.


South Korean Won (KRW) –

Q. How do I know the notes I receive are authentic?
A. You may review the security features for the South Korean Won on The Bank of Korea’s website.


Q. What’s my South Korean Won worth now?
A. The value of the South Korean Won can be found on the on The Bank of Korea’s website. You may also use the currency converter on our homepage.



Q. Are there other charges or fees when buying currency?
A. Only the cost of your currency purchase and shipping.


Q. Can I order more currency than what is available on the website?
A. All the currencies offered by Lifesong Development Group are list on our website here.


Q. Are there any discounts for large orders?
A. Please call us directly if you have an order valued at more than $10,000.00 (U.S. dollars).


Q. Can I return or exchange the notes for other denominations?
A. We do not exchange currency for other denominations or notes. You would need to sell your current currency and then purchase the other denominations or currency.


Q. Do you sell outside of the United States?
A. No, we do not buy or sell to anyone outside of the United States, including Mexico and Canada.


Q. Can I track my order?
A. Yes, if you provide us with your email address, then once your order is entered into FedEx, you will receive an email directly from FedEx with the delivery date and time as well as a tracking number for your order.


Q. Where can I get a money order or cashier’s check?
A. Money orders and cashier’s checks can be purchased from financial institutions or currency exchanges. Local retailers may also provide such a service.


Q. Can I pay with cash for a shipment?
A. No, only money orders, cashier’s checks or wire transfers are accepted as payment.


Q. Do I have to order online? Or can I call in an order?
A. You can order online here or call us at 888-235-0320 to place an order.