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By definition, ‘exotic’ currency is out of international circulation. So where can you get it if not from a bank? At


We specialize in the exchange of these currencies through our parent company, Lifesong Development Group, LLC.  If you need to buy dinars or Vietnamese Dong, we can help and at competitive prices.

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It’s easy to buy dinars from us. Simply contact us by phone, or email to begin the process.


We can provide recommendations from reputable third party sources to set your mind at ease.


Payment will be sent within 24-48 hours after we receive your shipment. We only accept sellers from within the United States.

Buy dinars circulated or uncirculated


All our notes are either new or uncirculated.  If you’d prefer, you can request circulated notes. We’re diligent about the quality of notes we receive and only buy notes that are undamaged.

You can call or email to place your order.  You can track the rate with at the Central Bank of Iraq’s website.